Saturday, April 27, 2013

Laides In Waiting

Kerry Carney and I created this web show called Ladies In Waiting.  In it, we play Kimmie and Ari, best friends and lovable lushes who are aging out of the only job they've ever been able to keep, dressing as Disney-style princesses at parties for the over privileged children of Los Angeles.  Lucky for them, they are too drunk to notice.

We have filmed three episodes.  Please watch and enjoy the adventures of what will soon become your favorite new comedy duo.  That sounds like I'm tooting my own horn, but really, I think of it as tooting Kerry's horn, because that's what co-dependency is all about, dammit.  Also, if you are a fancy producer or show runner who secretly follows my career news blog, a) why haven't I heard from you before now? and b) here's your big chance.  We have expanded the web series into a treatment and first season outline for a half hour single camera comedy.  I look forward to your call.

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