Wednesday, October 9, 2013

#whatsyourhealthy #yeshealthyisanoun #dealwithit

As I sit here doing prep on my one of my last Aetna shoots of the year, I thought maybe I'd share a little bit about the job!  Since May, I have been directing and co-writing all the videos for their, "What's Your Healthy?" YouTube show.  This has meant lots of traveling and working with the really cool people at My Damn Channel.  It has also meant trying my hand at unscripted, man-on-the-street type stuff.  The show is hosted by Angie Greenup, who is a delight.  My favorite episodes so far are this garden, this de-cluttering, and this one at the Dance Theater of Harlem.  With at least twenty more on their way, there's definitely something for everyone.  Also, Slate printed an article poking fun at the campaign, which was pretty amusing.