Tuesday, October 5, 2010

El Súper Week

I did it. After 4 years, 8 musical numbers, 35 hours of filmed improv, 2 editors, 5 working titles, so many meetings, multiple film festivals, some tears, a few boyfriends, and lots of laughs, "El Súperstar: The Unlikely Rise of Juan Francés" finally made it to the big screen.

Can I sleep now?

In fact, I think I'll just wrap up this blog entry, and then take a nice long nap.

For more info, read the LA Times review here, and read the story of how this movie came to be here.

Gracias, y buenas noches.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Playing Catch Up

Wow. I'm bad at blogging. So much has happened, and yet, I have shared nothing. I knew this was happening, of course, all along filled with the dread that too much time had passed for my news to be news; a sticky, guilty dread that accumulated and multiplied with every day, week, month, season. But now I stand up and say, "No! I will write of things that transpired in May, and that's that."

May was one of the best months ever. I was lucky enough to go to film school at the AFI Directing Workshop for Women. There were just 8 of us, and we would gather every morning to learn how to make movies, until evening came and we were full of coffee and inspiration. (We drank a lot of coffee. I developed rosacea and a permanent crazy look in my eye). The whole thing was like summer camp for smart, creative ladies: ghost stories about hook hands replaced by horror stories about pitch meetings with Hollywood types; the magic of a first kiss now eclipsed by the excitement of our first casting.

All of our teachers were amazing, but I want to bring special attention to a few of them. Joan Darling (dead center in the photo below) is a pioneer for women directors and one of the warmest, most original and funniest people of all time. Like a smart-ass grandma hedgehog. Lesli Linka Glatter, who started at this very program and has since directed episodes of every single one of your favorite television shows, made us feel that we we were all as smart as she is, and that anything is possible. Also, she started out as a dancer and choreographer, which is super cool. And lastly, Bruce Block, whose full-day seminar based on his book The Visual Story blew my mind open, so that little saturated red chunks flew into deep space on the diagonal plane. (Buy the book if you don't understand this last joke.)

Thank you AFI and thank you ladies of the DWW!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Help me help you help me.

Do you have 20 dollars burning a hole in your pocket? That's dangerous, especially if you're wearing polyester pants. Here, let me help you...

Send AFI the money to help me make my film! They are a non-profit organization, and will send back a tax form so you can write off your donation.

Make checks payable to AFI, and be sure to write "Amy French Film Fund" in the memo. Then send the checks to:
American Film Institute
attn: DWW
2021 N. Western Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90027-1657

Thanks, I owe you one.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Doing my part to close the gender gap in entertainment media. You can thank me later.

I am happy and proud to announce that I am one of 8 women selected to participate in the 2010 AFI Directing Workshop for Women. This is truly an honor, and I am beyond excited to study at such a prestigious institution, as part of such a competitive program, with such an awesome and talented group of ladies.

Katherine Bigelow knocked down one wall, and maybe someday I will knock down another. Like maybe I'll win something for making a movie with actual women in it? Imagine! Of course, I would be happy with one of those fake Oscars you get on Hollywood Blvd that says "Best Sister-in-Law", and a gift certificate to In'n'Out burger. I like to set small goals.

Until then, I'm off to direct my short film for the American Film Institute. Woo-hoo!

My Website is Live! (Yup, "Live". Because if you're going to have a website, you should use the lingo.)

I have always avoided being a person with a website. Something about it has always seemed inherently, I don't know what...masturbatory, I guess. But here I am, pulling the vibrator of self-promotion from my bedside table, putting on some Marvin Gaye, and exploring the delicacies of ameliafrench.net.

This metaphor leads seamlessly into the other question I'm sure you are all asking, since my website-having-self is convinced that people just sit around and ask questions about ME all day long. Why, you ask, why not amyfrench.com?

Because it's porn. Of course.

So enjoy my site with your pants on, and check back here for news from time to time. Also, I have hidden a secret fart joke somewhere on the home page...try to find it!

(Many thanks to Megan Hill for the designing the site, and to Wanna Camcam for illustrating this photo by Claude Collins Stracensky.)