Monday, November 18, 2013

Climate Change

Yesterday, I was lucky to be one of a small gathering of producers and directors who were invited to participate in the first annual Women Filmmaker's Initiative Forum, co-hosted by Women In Film and the Sundance Institute.  You may remember that earlier this year, there was a lot of hoopla when they released the sobering results of their extensive research into the real statistics about female filmmakers.  But they're not just studying it, they're actually set on doing something to change it, starting with the basic issue of how women filmmakers lack the access to capital that their male counterparts enjoy.  Hence, yesterday's financing forum.  And I have to say, after a full twelve hours where we talked about everything from foreign sales to raising girls with confidence, I think that the climate can change. Everyone there felt it, but we all agreed it will only work if women continue to help other women.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

#whatsyourhealthy #yeshealthyisanoun #dealwithit

As I sit here doing prep on my one of my last Aetna shoots of the year, I thought maybe I'd share a little bit about the job!  Since May, I have been directing and co-writing all the videos for their, "What's Your Healthy?" YouTube show.  This has meant lots of traveling and working with the really cool people at My Damn Channel.  It has also meant trying my hand at unscripted, man-on-the-street type stuff.  The show is hosted by Angie Greenup, who is a delight.  My favorite episodes so far are this garden, this de-cluttering, and this one at the Dance Theater of Harlem.  With at least twenty more on their way, there's definitely something for everyone.  Also, Slate printed an article poking fun at the campaign, which was pretty amusing. 

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Laides In Waiting

Kerry Carney and I created this web show called Ladies In Waiting.  In it, we play Kimmie and Ari, best friends and lovable lushes who are aging out of the only job they've ever been able to keep, dressing as Disney-style princesses at parties for the over privileged children of Los Angeles.  Lucky for them, they are too drunk to notice.

We have filmed three episodes.  Please watch and enjoy the adventures of what will soon become your favorite new comedy duo.  That sounds like I'm tooting my own horn, but really, I think of it as tooting Kerry's horn, because that's what co-dependency is all about, dammit.  Also, if you are a fancy producer or show runner who secretly follows my career news blog, a) why haven't I heard from you before now? and b) here's your big chance.  We have expanded the web series into a treatment and first season outline for a half hour single camera comedy.  I look forward to your call.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

KCET and Me

Exciting news!  Hold For Laughs will screen on KCET this Thursday, January 31st at 9pm as part of their Fine Cut series.  Why?  Because---get this---we were selected as one of the sixteen best student films to come out of the many prestigious So Cal film schools in the last two years.  Woah!  Not only that, but ours was the first ever to be chosen from AFI's Directing Workshop for Women program.

Last night I went to a party celebrating the filmmakers, held at the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.  Here is me after that party, with the giant Emmy of my dreams. 

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Blog on Blog Action 6

The sound of my own voice makes me want to crawl under a large object and die alone.  However, David Newhoff has a great voice, and on his blog, The Illusion of More, he addresses with real insight all the stuff that comes up for those of us who participate in the digital culture.  Which is, you know, all of us.  He interviewed me about my perspective on these things, and you can listen to our chat here.

Blog on Blog Action 5

How do you know when you're legit?  When the Scientific American blogs about your science mockumentary web series.