Thursday, October 30, 2014

Tide Pods and Time Capsules

Every once in a while, a commercial I'm in will play on TV all year long, and it's really nice when that happens.  But then sometimes, the other actress in the commercial is someone I've been making theater with for the past 15 years, and you know what?  That is even nicer than all those steady residual checks.

Well, okay.  It's also nice.  In a different way.

Check out the hilarious Alex Hoover (and I) in this commercial, and see all those years on the stage filtered down into one 30 second joke to sell detergent.

Monday, May 19, 2014

MILFs (Mothers I'd Like to Film)

I made some comedy web series for Nick Mom. (I hinted at this earlier in the year, but since they're up, subtlety is no longer needed.)  Here is the first episode of Your Childless Friend, an advice show for parents, by a woman who is not a mom and probably shouldn't ever pursue it.  And here is the first episode of Healthy Parents Healthy Kids, a DIY home-cooking show by the most awkward couple in America.  I loved working with all these actors, and teaming up again with Cami Delavigne, writer extraordinaire.  Enjoy!  There are at least two more episodes of each show coming soon...

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Making Theater @ Boston Court

I am buzzing with excitement as we head into tech week for my latest adventure on the stage:  the world premiere of Everything You Touch by one of my favorite playwrights, Sheila Callaghan.  A hilarious and challenging work, it tackles body image, artistic identity, and forgiveness with all the ferocious abandon of a supermodel charging down the runway.  You'll love it.  We start previews on April 3rd and open April 12th.  Get your tickets here!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Atop Green Mountain

I started off the year making some fun stuff for NickMom. More hilarious redheads coming soon.