Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Web Burger

Remember how I teased you with a rather cryptic reference to Umami a couple of months ago?  Well, now I can tell you what the hell that was all about.

Over the summer, I wrote and directed a branded web series for Umami Burger.  If you're not familiar with the Umami restaurants, there are twelve of them in LA and a few more in San Francisco, Miami, and New York... and their burgers are works of culinary art.  I had the privilege of aligning myself with their awesomeness, and now there is a really fun, silly bit of internet comedy to prove it.  It's all about burgers and the human brain.  WATCH ALL FIVE EPISODES HERE.  And yes, that is a mustachioed Ray Wise in the photo.  He is the star, along with a stellar supporting cast.

Go on, take a bite. 

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